Does Listerine Cure Toenail Fungus? Listerine Doesn't Clean Nail Fungus As Well As They Say Can Listerine really cure toenail fungus? This article covers some of the best home remedy cures for nail fungus . If you want to learn more about fungal nails, check out the above link.

Are you a victim of Brittle nails, and thinning hair? The problem is not skin ... - Pune Mirror

Few things are more frustrating than poor, brittle nails and thinning hair. Though pharmaceutical companies may promise to rectify your problem with their chemicals, the fact remains that the condition of your hair and nails reflects a deeper deficiency in your body.
In some cases, thinning of hair and eyebrows for instance, could also be a symptom of a chronic disease which is causing a...


Yahoo answerstoe nail fungus treatment with listerine?

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    Fluoride wouldn't have anything to do with it, but I guess because of the germ killing effects it would have why wouldn't Listerine work I might try a generic mouth wash with the same ingredients...

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  • Are you a victim of Brittle nails, and thinning hair? The problem is not skin ...

    This is because thymol (a key ingredient in Listerine) destroys 24 strains of fungi, and is known to kill the drug-resistant fungi that dandruff shampoos have trouble taming. If you are suffering from dandruff, massage 1/4 cup of Listerine into your scalp.

Listerine for Toenail Fungus Home Remedy - The People's Pharmacy®
A reader offered the following suggestion for getting rid of nail fungus : “I cured my toenail fungus using a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and Listerine.

Will Listerine Cure Toenail Fungus? |
Toenail fungus (onycomycosis) is caused by a living organism called a dermatophyte that thrives in damp, dark places; therefore, underneath and around the toenail is ...

Toenail Fungus Listerine Treatment
Listerine treatment of toenail fungus will require you to soak your feet for 30 minutes or longer, daily.

How to Cure Toenail Fungus With Listerine |
Listerine makes your mouth healthy, eliminates bad breath and makes your teeth look sparkly white. Did you know that it has other great properties as well? The ...

Listerine for Nail Fungus - Read before you try it |
What you need to know about using Listerine for curing nail fungus - you might be shocked!

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