Kohm CP-900 Toenail Clippers for Thick, Ingrown or Fungus Nails, Soft Rubber Handle Ideal for Seniors

by Whole Health Supply

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  • EASY GRIP AND SMOOTH CONTROL - The Kohm Toenail Clipper/Nipper comes with a 5 5/16" handle that...
  • SECURE PLASTIC TIP - The Kohm Toenail Clipper/Nipper includes secure plastic tip covers for the...
  • IDEAL FOR THICK, INGROWN or DEFORMED nails due to Fungus/Diabetes/Aging/Pregnancy. Top of blades...

Fungus Fix: How to Treat Nail Fungus

Learn how to treat nail fungus from Pharmacologist Joe Graedon of the popular public radio show, The People's Pharmacy.

Toe Nail Fungus, Barefoot Running Blood Blisters, and Toe Socks ...

This is one of those stories where several plot lines finally come together… in the form of a freaky blood blister.   It really all started about 35 years ago, before the world was full of super cushy running shoes ….

It’s ironic that I had never heard of toenail fungus.  When I was 16 years old, I worked as a nurse’s aid in a nursing home.  I clipped a...

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Yahoo answersI stubbed my pinkie toe yesterday and today the nail is coming off-will it grow back?

  • Injuries

    The younger you are, the faster it will grow back. If you are elderly, then the rate will be slow to nonexistant. But if you are not that old, then dont worry. It will grow back. It will hurt...

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    Researches have shown that Nail fungus is not a germ or bacteria but it's a plant just like dandelion seeds that grow under the nail, at the place which is moist, damp and soft. Nail fungus infections are more common in men than women and in the


    Nail fungus is the most common nail disease and afflicts approximately 10 percent of the population and is more common among the elderly. A recent Canadian study indicates a prevalence of approximately 6.5 percent of the general Canadian population.1

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    I saw a lot of patients who came in with fungal infections and in-grown nails. We've actually had patients who lost We're expanding as far as the population is concerned, with more elderly and people living longer. And diabetics are always going to

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    This village had caught her attention because of the great many elderly and needy people living there who were coping with disabilities from leprosy. Over the years Joy has tried to help out, taking over footwear, clothing, reading glasses and simple

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While it becomes difficult for elderly men and women to bend over and take care of their own feet and toenails, ... How to Cure Toenail Fungus With Vinegar.

Toenail Fungus Susceptibility: Who's at Risk of Onychomycosis?
Nail fungus also affect men more than women, and those with family histories of fungus infections are also more susceptible. The elderly, smokers, ...

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Those who have worked around elderly people often know what fingernail fungus looks like, as many elderly people struggle with finding the right fingernail

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If you have an elderly person in your life who struggles with taking care of his own feet and want to help him out, ... nail fungus , corns, calluses and ulcers. 2.

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