Majestic Pure Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Soap, Naturally Scented Foot & Body Wash, 16 fl. oz. - Helps with Nail Fungus, Athlete Foot, Ringworms, Jock Itch & Body Odor

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  • Powerful broad spectrum natural ingredients include 100% pure and natural tea tree essential oil....
  • Majestic Pure Maximum Strength Tea Tree Oil Soap / Body Wash: Antifungal Foot and Body Wash is...
  • Majestic Pure Anti fungal Tea Tree Oil Soap is cruelty free and not tested on animals

How a gluten-free diet helped a variety of symptoms

Switching to a gluten-free diet alleviated various symptoms which medicine could not help.,,

Cornmeal Against Nail Fungus - The People's Pharmacy

Q. I soaked my foot in a pan of warm water containing half a cup of cornmeal several times over several weeks. Now the big toenail that was infected with fungus is growing out normally. How does this remedy work?

A. We have no idea. Others have told us that they too have had success against nail fungus by soaking feet in warm cornmeal mush.

Horticultural or...

Source: The People's Pharmacy®

Yahoo answersWhy does my cat have a black nail fungus at the base of her claws?

  • Cats

    Personally, I've tried a lot of different stuff over the years. I had dealt with the combo nail fungus and athletes foot for almost 20 years. One "free" thing that did help a lot was vinegar. It...

Anyone Have Nail Fungus? - Celiac Disease & Gluten-free Diet ...
Page 1 of 2 - Anyone Have Nail Fungus ? - posted in Celiac Disease - Coping With: OK so maybe this isn't something anyone would want to admit to but I'm just curious.

Fungus Diet |
Fungus lives naturally in the colon, ... Removing gluten from your diet will require you to eat substitute foods instead of your favorite bread or pasta.

toe nail fungus and celiac - Celiac (Sprue) Disease - MedHelp
I read on the internet several places that toe nail fungus and celiac could be related, ... (could have it) but do know that I am Gluten Intolerant, ...

Corn Gluten Meal for toenail fungus? : Food, Nutrition & Health Forum
My dh has toenail fungus as well as fungus between his toes that itches something awful. We tried using just the plain cornmeal from the ...

Cd Symptoms? - Celiac Disease & Gluten-free Diet Information at ...
Is toenail fungus or thick toenails also associated with celiac? ... sounds just like me, spontaneously grew fungus free nail on gluten-free diet.

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