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Toenail Fungus - 10 Tips to Identify, Prevent, and Treat

This video features ten tips based on expert clinical guidelines published by UpToDate online. These recommendations are presented by Dr. Nicholas Cohen, MD. The content of this video is not intended nor recommended as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the...


Sep 22, 2012

I am effected by both Hep B and HIV. I also am desparetly tryng to get rid of a nasty to nail fungus. I hear Lamisil is very harsh on the liver - though my numbers are great I dont want to be in danger by using lamisil. What are alternative treatments for toe nail fungus or will I be ok taking lamisil?


Source:'s Forum on Hepatitis and HIV Coinfection

Yahoo answersGetting HIV at the dentist or having the nails done?

  • Infectious Diseases

    Any dentist or nail salon should be using sterile tools with each patient or client. If they do not, use a different dentist or nail salon. However, this is not necessarily because of HIV. Most of...

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    What we do know is that oil on the scalp plays a role, says Antonella Tosti, a professor of dermatology at the University of Miami who specializes in hair and nail health. "Everybody needs sebum, or oil - it's an another contributing factor: a

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toenail fungus - Diseases and Conditions | Aetna InteliHealth
Toenail fungus can be caused by several different types of fungi. ... such as diabetes or HIV, Having a circulatory problem that decreases blood flow to the toes;

Nail Fungus (Onychomycosis)- Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
Nail fungus (onychomycosis) causes, nail fungus symptoms and nail fungus treatment and remedies. Site Map ... especially those with HIV.

Nail fungus… | HIV | Aids HIV FAQ
Question: Please help. I'd like to hear of natural solutions to kill nail fungus . In the early stages, the finger nails turn white, then get dented.

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