Little Moon Essentials Vital Vapor Balm 2 ounces

by Little Moon Essentials

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  • Contains ginger root and essential oils of tea tree, lemongrass and sage.
  • All-purpose household remedy
  • Caution: Seek the advice of a physician when ill, and do not use on infants under 1 year old....

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Nail Fungus Treatment Is Not A Serious Matter If Attention Is Paid Early Enough And We Don't Have To

Granted it's not as quick as healing a sore throat, but who have as well as known how difficult it can be to get rid of. Take another q-tip, dip it in the Vick's vapor rub and apply of apple cider can work like a charm on nail fungus . One form of treatment he heard of people having some effectiveness on the success or failure for using Vicks for nail fungus treatment. As the fungus grow on the nail it...

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Yahoo answersDoes Vicks Vapor Rub really work for stubborn nail fungus?

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    use tea tree oil... dilute 2-3 drops into a foot bath.. soak. try it for a couple of weeks

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Nail fungus is unsightly and embarrassing at its best but can be a hazard if left untreated. There are many anti-fungal medicines out on the market and some work ...

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Toenail fungus usually gains entry to the toenail bed when there has been an injury to the nail, such as a crack or a split. Once the fungus has entered, the warm ...

Vicks Vapor Rub Toenail Fungus Treatment
Vicks Vapor Rub. Toenail fungus can be embarrassing and unsightly. The lengths one will go to rid themselves of the disease are immeasurable. Seeking medical ...

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Vicks Vaporub & Nail Fungus. If you have been battling toenail fungus , you know how difficult it is to treat. Prescription drugs exist that can eradicate the condition.

Vicks Vaporub & Toenail Fungus | LIVESTRONG.COM
Vicks Vaporub & Toenail Fungus. The sticky, smelly chest rub intimately linked to memories of childhood colds is an unlikely home remedy for toenail fungus. Yet many ...

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